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HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a preventative management system that was developed by NASA in America in the 1960s. NASA developed HACCP as a means of guaranteeing that the food that was sent into space with the astronauts was safe and would not cause illness.

In Australia, HACCP has been introduced as a model and means of increasing the standards of food hygiene and food quality and to reduce the incidence of food poisoning and food borne illnesses.

The principles of HACCP do not rely on end product testing and unnecessarily comprehensive Good Management Practices. It allows both industry and government to carry out their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.

HACCP is a logical and systematic approach to the identification, assessment and preventive control of hazards that may arise throughout all the production stages. Once in place, HACCP allows management and production staff to identify and control potential hazards before they arise.

The 3 Key Business Success Benefits of Gold Star HACCP certification

  1. It gives you a marketing edge  over your competitors. Your certification details can be displayed on your promotional materials, creating greater trust in your product.
  2. Getting this certification means you have gone beyond the minimum food regulations, which gives your customers confidence in the quality of your products.
  3. It makes good business sense. In fact, most hospitals, airlines, franchises, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers won’t purchase from you if you aren’t HACCP certified.

And the best part is we have made it a quick and painless process with our certification success system and ‘all the risk on us’ guarantee.

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ABG Guarantee


How can we make such an outrageous promise that none of our competitors would dare to make?

It's simple. We have worked in and on HACCP systems for almost 10 years. We can offer this guarantee knowing that every single one of our clients has achieved certification at their first attempt and we're not about to let you ruin our 100% success record!

Who Is This Certification Process For?

We can prepare HACCP systems for businesses across Australia and New Zealand in the following areas:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Wholesalers and distributor
  • Bakeries, biscuit and cake manufacturers
  • Bottled Water Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Aged Care and Meals on Wheels
  • Child Care Centres
  • Restaurant
  • Caterers

HACCP Certification Made Easy For You – What We Do

The HACCP systems designed by Gourmet Guardian are practical and easy to read and your program will be specifically designed for your business.

As you may be implementing HACCP for the first time we have designed an 11 Point Checklist for HACCP Certification Success so that we can provide our Guarantee of your success.

This Certification Success Check list – 11 Easy Steps

  1. Initial meeting with company management and discussions on your site
  2. Completion of site specific questionnaire to obtain your preferences for certain processes
  3. An initial confidential audit and detailed report identifying potential non conformances and areas for improvement
  4. We prepare your food safety program following the seven principles of HACCP
  5. Preparation of site specific monitoring forms
  6. Preparation of detailed cleaning schedule
  7. We train your HACCP Team and management representatives on their new system
  8. We complete your first internal audit and management review utilising the resources in your HACCP program and discuss findings with you, prior to your certification audit
  9. A representative of Gourmet Guardian is present at the Certification Audit
  10. We provide you with a duplicate copy of your HACCP Program for your local council (if required)
  11. We provide electronic versions of all monitoring forms

This whole process can be done swiftly and effortlessly without any real impediment to your business.

So act now. Add that extra level of excellence to your business and raise the bar for your competitors. Remember, we guarantee you‘ll achieve HACCP certification or your money back!  

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Eat Well. Eat Safe!

Gavin Buckett

Gavin Buckett

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Date updated: 28 March, 2012