Food Poisoning Statistics

We’ve just started to accumulate helpful food poisoning statistics and facts. You can access them by clicking on the hyperlink.

As food safety specialists, we believe prevention is the key to reducing the incidence of food poisoning.

One way to prevent food poisoning is to put the shocking statistics front and center so everyone’s aware of the dangers and alarming frequency that it occurs.

Since most people are generally familiar with poultry food poisoning, i.e. salmonella and campylobacter, the funny video was chosen for your entertainment:

While this is a common type of food poisoning, there are actually many types of bacteria, parasites, toxins and viruses found within all of the food groups if it’s not taken care of head-on. Because of the variety, food safety specialists tend to group all food poisonings into two main categories: Infectious causes and toxic causes.

Infectious agents cause infection after food that’s been contaminated by organisms whereas toxic agents, the less likely of the two, are much more potent and attack the human body, occasionally overwhelming the entire immune system.

Anyone who’s had food poisoning knows it isn’t any fun at all, to the point that it makes people paranoid of which foods are safe or not to eat. This makes food poisoning a pretty big deal in all food businesses alike for the simple fact that it can make or break the business.

Be on the safe side and always know what’s going in and out of your kitchen!

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