China: Food safety violators to face death penalty

I just came across an article about food safety in China that as a result of increasing¬† public concerns over the country’s food safety following a wave of recent scandals, something needed to be done.

China’s highest court has ordered judges nationwide to hand down harsher sentences, including the death penalty, to people convicted of violating food safety regulations.

Now that’s severe punishment which highlights the growing importance of food safety on both a national and international scale.

Let’s face it, without proper regulation it’s a death sentence for some unsuspecting person…

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  1. 1 Gabrielle

    I was appalled to read that anyone could even contemplate the idea of the death penalty for food poisoning.

    Nearly all cases of poisoning are made by errors and not intention. Companies that deliberately contaminate food by using unsuitable additives should be dealt with separately. Also how on earth could you in all conscience point the finger at someone you think is to blame if you know that the penalty could be so severe.

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