Food Safety Standards Higher In Australia

I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this photo with you – to put our Food Safety Standards in perspective.

The next time you get upset because of the bureaucracy, red tape and government regulations – just remember, they exist for a reason…!

Food Safety - Milk

3 Responses to “Food Safety Standards Higher In Australia”

  1. 1 Daniel Agnellosi

    Well you would think food safety standards would be higher in Australia.

    On one instance though I decided to cook Indian food one night.
    I popped to the local supermarket and bought the ingredients.
    As an after thought I bought some ready made Naan bread to compliment the Indian food. This Naan bread had green herbs through it or so I thought anyway. It turned out to be green mold after opening and smelling this terrible stench. I then looked on the expiry date and it was over a Year old.
    Lesson taught from this. Always read the expiry date on packaging.

  2. 2 Gabrielle

    I thought this picture of rats being given milk a bit misinterpreted.

    In many parts of the third world people unable to get lamb, pork etc have to resort to rat meat.

    It’s obvious to me that this lady is fattening up the rats with good clean milk to eat. If it was a lot of rabbits around a feed of grain nobody would have felt it strange. Just because a country has different cultures does not mean lower standards.

  3. 3 food safety supervisor training

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