Fast Food Advertising Misrepresentation

Ensure YOUR Product/Service Matches The Hype!

How many times have you watched a television ad, listened to a radio commercial or seen a humongous billboard appearing to have the best looking food around?

Fast Food Advertising Misrepresentation

Fast Food Advertising Misrepresentation

Does it look a little something like this?

How often have you fallen into this trap? Only to find out after your money’s been spent, that you’ve been, well…duped?

You’re not alone!

This is a mass marketing approach that might work in the short term, but not recommended if you want loyal customers.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – resist the temptation to misrepresent what you do – instead IMPROVE and you’ll see your results multiply!

Not sure if this approach works, check out the Carnegie Deli in New York

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  1. 1 Gabrielle

    I couldn’t agree more. The false advertising is all around us. The fast food outlets are probably the worst, but frozen foods that look lush and tempting on the box, can be just as bad. Boxes of biscuits and cakes that turn out to be nothing but packaging. Prepacked fruit and veg with the bad stuff at the bottom and meat trays with all the fat neatly tucked out of sight. Have to take care wherever you are shopping.

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