Tastes Like Chicken

As Food Safety Specialists, we are often asked to gauge the “chickenyness” of certain foods. Luckily for us, GraphJam has already done this for us – enjoy!

Tastes Like Chicken

2 Responses to “Tastes Like Chicken”

  1. 1 Daniel Agnellosi

    Thats funny putting Rats the most likely to taste of chicken
    and KFC the least..lol
    I used to love these chicken satays at a local Chinese restaurant but everytime I ate them I swore they didn’t taste like chicken.
    I was thinking cat but who knows what cat tastes like?

  2. 2 Gabrielle

    The old saying if it looks like a chicken, squawks like a chicken and tastes like a chicken it probably is a chicken. Had a good laugh at the graph. Only one I’d heard of was the snake. They forgot the cat and the dog. And one final chuckle I had. KFC. That doesn’t taste like chicken. Tastes like Colonel Saunders special recipe.(and fat)

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