What does Tennis have to do with the upcoming Food Services Australia Show?

57818781I was just speaking with Dr Marc Dussault, an Exponential Growth Strategist, about inviting people like you to attend the Food Services Australia Trade Show coming up in June (23-24-25)… That’s when Marc asked me a question that through me for a loop. He asked me…

“Do you know how high above the net a top tennis player has to hit the ball to get the ball deep into the back court if he or she is standing on the base line?”

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4.5 to 6 feet ABOVE the net.

Isn’t that amazing? Most people think the goal is to hit as low as possible above the net. If you do that, the ball doesn’t go deep and any good player will ‘jump’ on it and hit a winner.

Hmmm….. I know Marc has a way of thinking differently which is why I had to blog about this today…

I’d like you to attend the Food Services Australia show, but chances are you might make the same mistake most tennis players make thinking they have to hit the ball low when the BEST strategy is to hit HIGH, DEEP with a topspin…

In your case is attending the show doesn’t have to take all day, in fact, with a detailed map of the exhibition hall that I will provide, I’m going to highlight the top 10 booths you have a look at so you can get in and out within 2 hours or less!

That’s the epiphany I had thanks to Marc. Surely you’ll consider attending the show for 2 hours within the 3 full days the show’s open – you have several weeks to plan for it AND it’s staged on the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday to make sure you’re not away on your busiest days of the week.

If you were thinking it would take you the whole day, that’s not the case – not the way I suggest you do it!

Click here to register for the show, you’ll receive a detailed list of exhibitors, a map of the booths with a pre-determined ‘Top 10’ booths to visit as well as other bonuses I’ve got lined up for you!

3 Responses to “What does Tennis have to do with the upcoming Food Services Australia Show?”

  1. 1 Ray Keefe

    Hi Gavin,

    what a great way to use the analogy of the tennis ball height above the net in also looking at rick management in our own businesses.

    I plan to use the squash racquet analogy tio show that you can find a problem if you know where to look, but if not, then it will just happen unexpectedly. How often is that also true.

    It is amazing that these ideas can apply so well to such different businesses. You are looking at Food Safety and HACCP whereas we are focussing on Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development for Australian Electronics Manufacturers.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Electronics Design and Embedded Software that really work

  2. 2 Amanda

    Isn’t it amazing how sports analogies seem to apply to almost any other circumstances? Some of my greatest motivating speeches have been based on sports events or competitions. This is a great thought to begin my day with. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Marc for the original inspiration!

  3. 3 Jocelyn

    Hi Gavin

    This heading really had me guessing and I just had to ‘follow through’ if you’ll pardon the pun :-) … and find out the answer.

    It’s brilliant. I have always found sports analogies to be very inspirational. I’m looking forward to listening to Dr Marc Dussault‘s CD Squash Lessons For Marketing.

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