Do You Know How to Choose a Restaurant that is Safe, Healthy and Hygienic?

It’s not surprising that most people enjoy eating out. After all, it is convenient and usually enjoyable. Unfortunately, a food outlet that lacks hygiene and cleanliness can easily turn a good experience into an unpleasant one. How can we avoid this when most of us are unable to ascertain whether or not a restaurant, caf or other food preparation establishment is really clean?

Food safety inspectors therefore play a very important role in insuring that restaurants and other food outlets maintain acceptable standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Ordinary people can learn to recognise signs indicating whether or not a restaurant is clean and safe to eat at. Here are a few points to think about when deciding whether or not to eat at a particular establishment.

An obvious indication that the dining establishment lacks quality is the presence of garbage and waste both inside and outside the premises. Even if the trash has been removed from the kitchen, the presence of garbage just outside is not a good sign. Overflowing garbage bins attract rodents and the growth of bacteria and germs.

However, not all trash is a problem. If the garbage has not been there for very long and the food waste is not rotting, there is no problem. It is normal for busy restaurants to throw away a lot of food waste every day. A build up of waste is a problem when it is rotting and emits a foul smell. Don’t even consider eating at places where this occurs.

Foul smells should be a red flag when it comes to dining. However, a smell doesn’t have to be really foul for it to be a warning. If you detect a ‘funny’ smell, it is a sign that food may be going off. It also suggests that the restaurant may not be cleaned properly. So, don’t take a risk. If something doesn’t smell quite right, trust your nose and go somewhere else.

There are also signs that you can look for which indicate that a restaurant has high standards. One of the most obvious ones is whether or not it is consistently popular. Let’s face it, if a restaurant has been in business for a while and attracts a lot of business, it is not likely to have poor standards of safety and quality. High turnover also means that food is used and replaced by fresh products regularly, reducing the likelihood of food spoiling or even rotting.

You can also get a lot of information about a place by glancing over the interior of the restaurant. Is it neat and tidy? Are health and safety certifications prominently displayed? Health agencies take their inspection and certification role seriously so positive certifications mean that the restaurant is safe, clean and hygienic. You can go ahead and enjoy your meal.

When we go out to eat, we all want to have a safe and enjoyable experience, but this will be dependent on the cleanliness and hygiene of the establishment. A great tasting meal can become a nightmare if it is full of bacteria. The good news is, by following these tips we can learn to identify and choose safe, clean and hygienic restaurants and avoid those which are suspect.

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  1. 1 Amanda

    Would you be willing to post a list of restaurants in certain areas that you deem as healthy and clean? I am getting more and more grossed out the more I think about all the ways that my food from restuarants can be contaminated.

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