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Food manufacturers and distributors who need HACCP certification:

Get your HACCP Certification

Thatís right! With our simple proven system we guarantee you pass your HACCP certification on the first attempt, or your money back!

Dear Food Professional,

My name is Gavin Buckett and I have lived and breathed food safety for over 10 years.

Like you, I know itís very competitive out there. If your major customer is telling you that you need your HACCP certification then you know you have to have itóitís just good business sense! Now, I realise youíre busy and taking on yet another Ďextra-curricularí activity doesnít exactly fill you with glee.

But letís face it, HACCP certification really is the standard that the big retailers and suppliers want and if you donít have it, you can bet your bottom dollar the competition will.

The good news is that Gourmet Guardian makes achieving your HACCP certification simple, even enjoyable and with little interruption to your business. Plus, we guarantee that youíll pass on your first attempt or we give you your money back.

Some people reckon weíre crazy for offering such a bold guarantee but our results back it up.

Your HACCP System is prepared following our 11 Point Checklist so that we can provide our Guarantee to your success.

The 11 Points are:

  • Initial onsite meeting with company management.
  • The completion of a site-specific questionnaire to obtain your preferences for certain processes and inclusions.
  • An initial confidential audit and detailed report identifying potential non-conformances and areas for improvement.
  • We prepare your food safety program following the internationally recognized 12 Steps and 7 Principles of HACCP.
  • We prepare site-specific monitoring forms and include any of your current monitoring procedures if applicable (this will minimise disruption for your employees).
  • Rather than give you a template to fill in yourselves, we prepare detailed cleaning schedules incorporating your cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and cleaning requirements. The schedules are separated into each department or area, to make it easier for your staff to comply.
  • We train your HACCP Team and management representatives on their new system (training can include the current requirements for Food Safety Supervisor [conditions apply]).
  • We complete your first internal audit, management review and mock recall utilizing the resources in your HACCP program and discuss findings with your, prior to your certification audit.
  • A representative of The Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd is present at the Certification Audit to assist you with the audit process.
  • We provide you’re with a duplicate copy of your HACCP Program for your local council or regulator (if required).
  • We provide electronic versions of all monitoring forms.

We can also include additional certifications if required including:

  • WQAS (Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard)
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium)
  • Fresh Care
  • ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 22000 (A combined HACCP and ISO Management System)
  • Spotless Vendor requirements
  • Supplier specific requirements. To date we have had programs approved by Major Blue Chip companies including Fonterra, Simplot, Heinz, Kraft, Cadbury, Schweppes, SPC, Coca-Cola Amatil, Tatura Milk and Kelloggs etc.

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Date updated: 16 April, 2012