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SQF Qualifications

A New World Class Food Safety Success System
For Food Processers and Food Manufacturers

We are proud to announce that we have just launched a new program that are specifically designed to ensure world class food safety standards in all aspects of the food processing and manufacturing industries.

  • SQF 2000 Training:  The SQF 2000 Code is a HACCP based Food Safety and Quality Management Program designed primarily for the processing and manufacturing sector. The objective of the SQF 2000 System is to receive, store, handle, process, package, transport and deliver safe, legal and quality food.

In the SQF 2000 program you will learn how to identify food safety and quality risks and how to validate and monitor your control procedures.

The standards are a combination of food safety standards administered by a variety of organizations such as the U.S. Department of Health and Welfare, US Food and Drug Administration, and Military Standards.

These standards will ensure your customers and stakeholders that the products made in your plant are 100% safe and hygienic.

 What Benefits Will Your Organisation Receive From This Programs?

  • You will improve and enhance your food safety management system (and spend less time worrying about it and monitoring it – these systems make it easy!)
  • You will elevate the level of consumer confidence in your products. This means more customers and clients and better, higher paying customers and clients.
  • You will be prepared for any inspection by government agencies or other stakeholders
  • You will avoid the threat and scandal of food poisoning through your companies food and food that you deal with.
  • Your brand will be one that is trusted by all stakeholders in your business. And that is a priceless asset in any business.

Your Next Best Step....

For a no obligation discussion about which program would best help your business ensure 100% food safety contact Australia’s leading Food Safety Expert Gavin Buckett.

Gavin has 13 years of experience helping businesses like yours achieve world class food safety in surprisingly short periods of time. Let him help your business as well.

For more information, click here to contact me or phone 1800 FOOD SAFETY (1800 366 372)

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Date updated: 28 March, 2012