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A Dire Warning for Food Management Professionals.....

The Australian Food Poisoning Epidemic Revealed:

Food Poisoning Results in 120 deaths, 1.2million visits to doctors, 300,000 prescriptions for antibiotics and 2.1 million days of lost work each year!

So Don’t You Even THINK About Going Back To Your Kitchen
Until You Have Read This Vital Information

Gavin Buckett

Gavin Buckett
Food Safety Expert & Former Apprentice Chef of the Year

Dear Food Management Professional,

My name is Gavin Bucket and I was a chef for 15 years managing up to 25 staff. I am now a Food safety auditor for Australia and New Zealand’s top kitchens.

And I have some startling revelations about food safety in our kitchens that you need to know.

Traditional approaches to food safety have failed miserably to prevent food poisoning!

According to the Food Safety Information Council there are an estimated 5.4 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year.

On average these cases of food poisoning result in 120 deaths, 1.2million visits to doctors, 300,000 prescriptions for antibiotics and 2.1 million days of lost work each year.

The estimated annual cost of food poisoning in Australia
is a whopping $1,250,000,000 - that's $1.25 Billion

This is clearly a HUGE social problem, which we as food management professionals need to take accountability for.

As a chef for 15 years managing up to 25 staff, I was proud of the kitchens I ran, and I am sure you are too. You are doubtless proud of the food you serve, and the way you manage your staff, and treat your customers.

And we also have obligations. One of our biggest obligations is to make sure that every single morsel of food that we serve isn’t going to harm or injure our customers.

It is our moral, ethical, and legal responsibility.

Our patrons place trust in us to eat food from our kitchens or distribution centres – even though we are strangers – and as food management professionals, it is our duty to honour that trust.

Any food management professional who doesn’t is quite frankly negligent in their duties and cheapens the name and reputation of those of us who do take pride in their safety standards.

This is why I am calling on all of us as food management professionals to step up and get better educated on this area, so we can together stamp out incidences of food poisoning in our own kitchens, and look our customers in the eye knowing they are safe in our hands.

Go Straight to Jail – Do Not Pass Go, or Collect $200

Go Straight to Jail – Do Not Pass Go, or Collect $200

The straight truth is that on a legal level if anything goes wrong in your kitchen as a manager or head chef you are responsible.

I go into this in greater detail in my ‘Food Safety Compliance System’ but just to give you quick sketch if one of your staff does something unsafe and it can be proven you had knowledge you could be facing up to $500,000 dollar fine and 2 years in jail.

That is right, even if you didn’t do it you just knew about it you could be going straight to jail.

And there are plenty more legal issues that you need to be aware of that I go into in the Food Safety Compliance System (see below for more information.)

Your Livelihood is only as
Good as Your Reputation

Your career as a food management professional lives and dies by your reputation. If your kitchen has a food poisoning scandal (and with 1.25 billion dollars being spent on food poisoning costs each year this is sadly not an uncommon occurrence) how long do you think you will keep your job?

And, if you do lose your job how easy will it be for you to find another one with that blemish on your record. And if you do own the company, how well do you think business is going to go after a food poisoning scandal? People will clear out of your restaurant like an exodus of fleeing refugees. This kind of black mark can destroy the most promising of careers - it simply isn't worth the risk.

There is only ONE choice for you as a food management professional.

This is a choice for you and your livelihood, your staff (they will also risk huge fines and jail under the law for food safety contraventions) and your customers.

The only possibly choice is to get
fully educated about food safety.

You want to be known as a ‘food safety guardian’ who above all else takes this seriously.

You want your kitchen to have the reputation as being safe and clean.

You want to be safe from all the awful and costly repercussions that follow from NOT handling this issue properly.

The Benefits of Getting Educated about Food Safety

  • You will have peace of mind, because you are safe from the legal and financial consequences (as well as being free from the embarrassment and shame) of harming a consumer through bad food management.
  • You will enjoy greater financial success in your business, as the reputation of your clean kitchen and good food spreads (believe me customers have ways of finding out if tyou aren’t running a clean and safe ship in your kitchen).
  • You will have the confidence of knowing that you are doing right by your customers, yourself and your business. The pride of knowing you are running a great clean kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Safe and One You Can Be Proud of With The ‘Food Safety Compliance System’

Food Safety Compliance System

To help you in making sure your kitchen is 100% safe and compliant with the highest legal and ethical standards I have set up an online 12 part Food Safety Compliance System.

I know you are busy running your kitchen and don’t have the time to go to TAFE colleges every week, so I have designed an online system to take you through the vital steps in food preparation and handling.

You get 1 Food Safety Report a month, for 12 months. It is designed so that with just 10 minutes studying of each month's report each week you can be an expert on food safety. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in losses through food safety negligence by following my course. You can preserve your reputation, and develop your career according to best practices.

How can I give you this information in such short periods of time? I can do this because I am a highly accredited food safety expert and I train hundreds of people in this area each year, and I can teach you exactly what you need to know.

Plus, you will actually find this course fascinating. Each report is filled with useful and interesting tips, and techniques, and new learnings.

For example, in the first report I go into the different culinary influences on Australia and the differences the different cultures foods make to food safety.

I also give you practical tips and techniques about how to become more food safety conscious yourself, in ways you may never have thought of. And, you will discover the things to look for when on appointing a Food Safety Supervisor (if you don’t already have one) and what roles they NEED to be undertaking.......

And this is just the first report.

By the end of the 12 reports you will be one of Australians foremost experts on food safety in commercial kitchens.

What is your investment for this Product?

Due to the value of this information, and the amount of money it would cost to have someone come and in train you personally in this information I could easily charge 1000 of dollars for this course.

However, as you know, I am passionate about food safety and I want you to have this. For this reason I have priced this very affordably at $19 per month.

And this small investment is backed by our....

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

We guarantee that you will be satisfied and happy with your purchase of these reports and get incredible value from them – or we will refund your money with no hassles, and no hard feelings. This means you can ‘trial’ the reports and see if they are for you. And if they are not you can simply ask for a full refund.


I know this course is not for everyone.

There will be some, who will say… ‘I know this stuff’

( you really know all there is to know to ensure your staff are doing the right thing?)

Or I am too busy for this stuff…

(Can you ever be too busy to look at food safety – is it worth risking your business for 10 minutes a week?)

Or I don’t want to invest the money or the time?

(Are you really thinking in the long term interests of your career or business?)

All of these reasons are fine, and valid.

This is for the chefs, and food preparation managers who respect their patrons or customers and respect their duty to uphold the highest food safety standards and who want to make sure that there kitchen is an oasis of food safety amidst the ‘dens’ that some people operate in today.

If this is you, if this is your commitment then I acknowledge you for that, and I invite you to invest in this course as a recognition and affirmation of that commitment.

Yes, I want To Invest in the Food Safety Compliance System Course for the limited time special price of $19 per month.

I thank you for reading my passionate warning to you on the food safety epidemic in Australia. And I wish you all the best in creating safe, clean food preparation spaces.

Eat Well. Eat Safe!

Gavin Buckett

Gavin Bucket
Founder and Managing Director
Gourmet Guardian

P.S. If you are sitting on the fence about this product please take the leap and invest in the course. Not just for you and your own legal and financial security but for the customers in your store.

They will love you for it, and as your reputation for being a ‘food safety guardian’ spreads you will be rewarding financially for it many times over.

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Date updated: 3 December, 2009