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A HACCP Program Helps You Sell More

HACCP isn’t just for businesses.

Your consumers are looking for it NOW as well.

I am an Business Mastery Platinum Program Member and two weeks ago during my hot seat with Dr Marc Dussault at Advanced Business Mastery, I was explaining to the other Business Platinum members about the benefits of HACCP to a business. One of the members: Dean Stephenson a body builder, fitness guru sent me the following email:

“Got up this morning and went down to the shop to get eggs for my usual egg white omelette. Anyway, for the first time ever on a food product, I noticed that the eggs had a HACCP certified sticker. I am fairly observant by nature but have never seen this before, it was a new brand in the shop (called Country Fresh Eggs).

As you can imagine, sometimes I will eat 20 egg whites in a day so they are important to me to be safe to eat. So there I was looking at the HACCP eggs next the usual eggs that I have been buying from that shop for a few years.

I noticed that just because of:

  1. My new found awareness of what HACCP is (didn’t know prior to meeting Gavin), and
  2. The sticker on the middle of the box that says HACCP approved,

I decided to instantly change a buying habit that I had for years. Thinking about it even more, I will now use it as criteria for buying my eggs and other produce in the future.

I eat tonnes of tuna, chicken, rice, vegetables, bottled water, vitamins and meal replacements (protein drinks & bars). I have began to change life long buying habits by taking advantage of the benefits of businesses that have a HACCP system. Knowing what HACCP is now, it can be an extremely influencing factor in my decision about which brand I go for. I even know the people who certified the eggs for HACCP as their details are printed on the box!”

So now it isn’t just businesses that are looking for HACCP certified suppliers, the general public are now also starting to be aware of the benefits of purchasing from a HACCP certified business.

I have prepared a benefits of HACCP (need to scroll down a bit) brochure that is on my website, that I now need to update to include benefits to consumers as well. The principles of HACCP do not rely on end product testing and unnecessarily comprehensive Good Management Practices. It allows both industry and government to carry out their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively. HACCP is a logical and systematic approach to the identification, assessment and preventive control of hazards that may arise throughout all the production stages. Once in place, HACCP allows management and production staff to identify and control potential hazards before they arise.

It saves, time, money and unnecessary outbreaks that could cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. If Dean is looking for HACCP on the products that he buys, how many other consumers are doing the same? As a competitive body builder he can’t afford to get sick. A restaurant, caterer or other food business owner should be adapting the same philosophies. If the company you are purchasing your food from is not HACCP certified, how can you be sure that they are taking full care with the food they are supplying to you?

Food for thought…

Have you ever considered implementing a HACCP System? What is holding you back? I have one client who tripled their revenue after becoming HACCP certified. A recent survey of all AGB Solutions HACCP clients found that they had all had an increase in sales after becoming HACCP certified. So play the HACCP card. Make your product safer, as well as being more marketable.

We have worked in and on HACCP systems for almost 10 years. For clients implementing HACCP for the first time, we guarantee that they will gain certification at the first attempt. We can offer this guarantee knowing that every single one of our clients has achieved certification at their first attempt and we’re not about to let anyone upset our 100% success record!

The HACCP systems we design are practical and easy to read and each program is specifically designed for each client’s business. As most clients are implementing HACCP for the first time, We have designed an 11 Point Checklist for HACCP Certification Success so that we can provide our Guarantee to your success.