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Food Services Australia Show

For the next three days we are exhibiting at the Food Service Australia expo at the Sydney Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour. There is a map on our website (click on the FSA link first) if you need to know where the centre is… perhaps I should have showed the map to my taxi driver yesterday morning when I arrived in Sydney. Despite numerous attempts at explaining what and where the Sydney Exhibition Centre is, he kept wanting to try and take me to the Sydney Entertainment Centre. While we hope to be Entertaining, I don’t think the venue would suit.

FSA Show

The set up for the expo went well and I have already met a number of my neighbours for the next three days. Two of which may be of considerable interest to those of you who try and be environmentally friendly. The first is a company called BioEarth that sell packaging material that I am told is edible (corn starch). While I wouldn’t eat it, it is biodegradable which is a definite bonus.

The second company is called Nova Spring Water that provide water for coolers in single use containers that are recyclable, eliminating the need for collection and return of polycarbonate bottles.

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What does Tennis have to do with the upcoming Food Services Australia Show?

57818781I was just speaking with Dr Marc Dussault, an Exponential Growth Strategist, about inviting people like you to attend the Food Services Australia Trade Show coming up in June (23-24-25)… That’s when Marc asked me a question that through me for a loop. He asked me…

“Do you know how high above the net a top tennis player has to hit the ball to get the ball deep into the back court if he or she is standing on the base line?”

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