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A Mid Air Floating Restaurant?

You wouldn’t believe it unless I included a photo… Here is someone’s brilliant idea for a dining experience you would not soon forget!

Mid Air Floating Restaurant

Mid Air Floating Restaurant

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World’s Best Restaurant?

I don’t know about you, but this would be in my top 10 list of best restaurants in the world – regardless of the menu!

How fresh would the seafood be?!?!?

Water Restaurant

World's Best Restaurant?

Dairy Safety

All of the world’s population are born into this world, surviving on their first beverage of choice: milk (minus, of course, those who are lactose intolerant). As people grow older, their dairy choices expand into different flavours of milk, cheese, ice cream and other related consumable foods and beverages.

Contrary to its innocent appearance, dairy is considered a perishable or high-risk food product. This means that for every item of dairy purchased, there are proper ways to store it and proper ways to handle it with special care.

Because foods bought and stored within food businesses are usually done so in bulk amounts, all high-risk food must be monitored closely and stored properly to prevent perishables from spoiling or worse, causing those dreaded cases of food poisoning.


With such a large amount of different foods, ingredients, cookware and people to always be aware of in an industrial kitchen, the overall thought can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to employees. By keeping the biggest and most important points in the front of your mind, though, it will help keep track of the smaller but equally important rules of thumb.

Try following these important tips to help in remembering what to do when handling dairy products:

  • Keep out of the danger zone: Bacteria that causes food poisoning grows and multiplies the fastest in temperatures that run between 5 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Never assume the expiration date: All dairy products come with an expiration date printed on the container – ALWAYS check this date before purchasing dairy product and before using them for consumption!
  • Keep dairy products away from the freezer: (See the danger zone above) There is a common misconception that the freezer keeps everything fresh. While it works for certain food groups, dairy is definitely not one of them! Freezing dairy products creates an oasis for bacteria allowing it to migrate at the bottom of the food container. For certain dairy products, such as cheese and yogurts that contain good bacteria, freezing will make this type of food lose its flavour.
  • Stay away from unpasteurised (raw) dairy products: Sure, it may be richer in taste but pasteurised products destroy the E. coli and other bacteria found in raw dairy products. When serving customers or clients, always stick with pasteurised dairy products!

The bottom line is that dairy products are extremely risky and spoil the faster with greater results than the other food groups. Making sure that all of your food business staff is well informed about providing the proper storage and care when handling or cooking with these ingredients will keep your kitchen much more organised and your food always tasting its best!

Microbes they might kill you – Video

Today’s blog post is a follow-up to the Will Smith Food Safety Parody we published recently.

It’s a two-song medley: “Microbes, They Might Kill You” and “We Are the Microbes”, a parody of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions,” as performed by Carl Winter.

The animations were produced at New Mexico State University as part of USDA CSREES National Integrated Food Safety Initiative Project Number CD-D-FST-7057-CG.

The message is both valuable and entertaining – enjoy!

The Gourmet Guardian is committed to reducing Food Poisoning any which way it can. Food Poisoning statistics are alarming, every little bit we can do helps!

Food Safety Rap Video

You just have to watch this great re-make of Will Smith’s Rap it “Get Jiggy Wit It” transformed for food safety… Great message with a great beat!

You Are What You Eat

I recently came across these two before and after images in a blog post “You Are What You Eat“. I thought it was funny and relevant enough to include it here.

We have a lot of clients in the fast food service industry and support the adage that too much of anything isn’t good whereas anything in moderation is your choice to make – make it wisely.

Hand Washing

We’re previously blogged about how important it is to wash your hands. Of course some people need a little motivation – we’re not sure if this will work, but it sure is an innovative approach to improve hand washing!

Hand washing

“Does This Make Me Look Fat?”

We often get asked to evaluate and assess food preparation which involves fat, protein, carbohydrates…

But one thing we advise all our clients is NOT to answer the question “Does this make me look fat?

Look Fat

Thanks to GraphJam for hilarious images like this one – life’s too short to be taken too seriously!

If you come across anything you think is funny, please forward to us. We’d love to post it and give you full credit with a hard back link to your website or blog.

Food Safety Standards Higher In Australia

I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this photo with you – to put our Food Safety Standards in perspective.

The next time you get upset because of the bureaucracy, red tape and government regulations – just remember, they exist for a reason…!

Food Safety - Milk

Don’t Play With Your Food. Unless…

Unless you have talent like this. Then play with it as much as you want!


For more photos of what you can do with cookies, click on this link -> Antimimeticisomorphism.

Once on the page, click on Cool Photos and then select Cookies.

When you go to this site, you’ll find a whole collection of interesting images and videos…