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1 in 10 NSW food businesses are listed on the Food Authority website

On Friday, I was interviewed by Esther Han, a food reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald and we discussed the benefits and problems associated with the NSW Food Authority Name and Shame website.

I will post the article online once I receive the electronic copy of the article, however if you can read the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald article.

Staggering that 1 in 10 business can be listed, and some offended on multiple occasions, however at The Gourmet Guardian we prefer to focus on the positives and recognise the 90% of food businesses that are NOT on the list.

The NSWFA through their local council Environmental Health Officers also have a Scores on Doors program highlighting the businesses doing a good job.

So keep an eye out for the NSW rated 5 star businesses and those that have HACCP Programs in place.

We have multiple HACCP Certified clients in NSW. We will shortly be publishing a list of businesses we can recommend.

Support the businesses doing a SAFE job.

A Mid Air Floating Restaurant?

You wouldn’t believe it unless I included a photo… Here is someone’s brilliant idea for a dining experience you would not soon forget!

Mid Air Floating Restaurant

Mid Air Floating Restaurant

For more photos of this ‘restaurant’ click on this link -> Antimimeticisomorphism.

Once on the page, click on Cool Photos and then select Mid Air Floating Restaurant!

When you go to this site, you’ll find a whole collection of interesting images and videos…

World’s Best Restaurant?

I don’t know about you, but this would be in my top 10 list of best restaurants in the world – regardless of the menu!

How fresh would the seafood be?!?!?

Water Restaurant

World's Best Restaurant?

Interesting Food Image

We like everything about food, food preparation, food safety – you name it, if it involves food, we’re interested!

We think images like this promote healthy eating and advance the cause for food safety by projecting an innovative, fun and creative perspective of food.

If you come across any other interesting food images, photos or illustrations, please forward them to us so we can continue to share them with our readers!


Great Tasting Food

I don’t know about you, but nothing beats great gourmet food at a fabulous restaurant.

Whenever that happens, I’d swear this is what my tongue is trying to say… “More, More, More! That way!!!!”

Great Tasting Food

When you’re in the food services sector, as we are, food safety is the top priority, but it’s closely followed by enjoyment of the foods and surrounds. Wouldn’t you agree?

Cost of food for a week – A Global Perspective

The analysis of the cost of weekly food for families shows the wide contrast in the world we live in today. If you click on the hyperlink or photo, you’ll be taken to a blog post that summarises the variety from all 4 corners of the world. I’m sure you’ll agree that Australians have it pretty good!

The cost of food for a week - Darfur Province, Sudan

The cost of food for a week - Darfur Province, Sudan