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A real life example of Gavin Buckett’s “Eat well. Eat safe!” sign off

Gavin Buckett (The Founder and Managing Director of The Gourmet Guardian) “sign off” since 2008 has been “Eat well. Eat safe!”.

As an award winning chef, and passionate “foodie” Gavin really loves and appreciates really good food.

But just because it is good, does not mean it can’t be safe.

A lot of people feel that “food safety” and “HACCP” means over cooked and dreary food (think hospital brocoli).

The Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel is a HACCP client of The Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd.They have been HACCP Certified since July 2012, yet they still provide and serve great food.

2014 07 14 SSW HACCP Certificate

Just this week, they were awarded the “2015 Winner Certificate of Excellence” for both the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel and their Garden Court Restaurant.

2015 SSW Trip Advisor Award


Congratulations to the Executive Chef of the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel Mr Boris Cuzon and his team on these awards, and good luck with your HACCP Certification audit in two weeks.