“Does This Make Me Look Fat?”

We often get asked to evaluate and assess food preparation which involves fat, protein, carbohydrates…

But one thing we advise all our clients is NOT to answer the question “Does this make me look fat?

Look Fat

Thanks to GraphJam for hilarious images like this one – life’s too short to be taken too seriously!

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  1. 1 Daniel Agnellosi

    I work with a Young Girl at work and she told me her Boyfriend said she was looking fat. At first I couldn’t believe he would make a comment like that considering she is a size 10 and extremely skinny. Then I became angry and told her to tell him he needs to wear glasses and never make statements like that and I went on to tell her the story of Karen Carpenter. It was a pity at 23 the young girl has no idea who I was talking about. I had to then explain Anorexia nervosa

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