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5 Restaurant Food Preparation Tips That You Can Use In Your Home

One of the joys of going out to eat is having the fresh food, prepared especially for you by some incredibly talented chef. However going out to dinner can be very expensive. You are also bothered by other people, interrupted by the server and on occasion rushed through your meal because the restaurant needs the table. What if there was a way that you could recreate the same wonderful dining experience at home? Here are five simple tips that you can do at home to make your kitchen feel like a fine dining kitchen.

Tip One: Labeling
Make sure that everything in your kitchen is labeled. I think we have all at some point picked up something out of the refrigerator and wondered what it was. Spice labels are easily worn off and if you are not familiar with all the scents, you may find that you are adding basil when you wanted to add cilantro.

Tip Two: Clean, Sanitized and Safe
Fine dining restaurants have impeccably clean kitchens. You would not walk into one of Gordon Ramsey’s kitchens and find it a mess. Take the time to clean your kitchen; this is the place that you are preparing food for your self, family and friends. Making sure it is clean will help reduce any possible contamination to food that you are preparing.

Tip Three: Everything In Its Place
You will not walk into a restaurant kitchen and find raw food next to food that is ready to be served to someone. When you are preparing meals make sure that you keep the cooked food in its own place and raw food away. This will also help eliminate contamination.

Tip Four: Go With Fresh
Real chefs never use packaged or pre-made foods. Everything is fresh, right down to the herbs and spices. The freshness of ingredients helps the cook create food that is overflowing with flavor, that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey while you nourish your body.

Tip Five: Be Creative
With a clean kitchen and fresh ingredients don’t be afraid to experiment with recipes. Try new food combinations. When you walk into a fine dining kitchen you aren’t going to see any cook books or recipe cards lying about. Be creative, mix what sounds good. You may find that you are the best chef you know.